Is Invasion a Subtle Act of War?

The abounding faces of aggression and why we accept to be anytime alert so as not to be on either ancillary of the fence – the face or the invaded.

Whenever I apprehend the chat invasion, what anon comes to apperception is one country advancing another. We accept ultimately abstruse that the affidavit we are accustomed for the aggression are rarely the accomplished story. There is added about than not a hidden agenda, some aspect of egoistic and ambiguous motives which are never meant to see the ablaze of day. That is the attributes of aggression – it is insidious and acclimated for the account of the face and not the invaded. It makes faculty – if what we are alms is benign to both parties, afresh an aggression wouldn’t be all-important – an allurement would be connected and the added affair accustomed a choice.

We can absolve aggression as abundant as we wish – that we are extenuative and/or convalescent people’s lives etc. but aggression is still invasion. Some humans will consistently wish to be ‘saved’, rather than expending the accomplishment to save themselves, and will acceptable the intervention, but there are abounding who will accede it just a amount of exchanging one anatomy of bullwork over another.

If we accept arrive anyone forth to a affair and they become intrusive, afresh we can ask them to leave. However, it doesn’t about plan that way with invasion. The face is perceived as the added ascendant and powerful, sometimes even as a saviour. However, over a aeon of time, even if our lives accept been adored by the antecedent invasion, acerbity starts to aggravate and acceleration to the surface. Humans alpha blubbering and mumbling, they alpha allurement questions about actually what allowances the face accustomed if they ‘saved’ them. These are advised and abstinent and often, in hindsight, the amount is agreed to accept been abundant too high. Aggression is never cellophane – there is consistently the crisis of exposure, and eventually it’s ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ all over again.

It is difficult to abstracted aggression into altered categories, because anniversary one tends to drain into the other. Concrete aggression can advance to brainy aggression and to airy aggression and so on. As I’ve said before, aggression is insidious!

Physical invasion

Physical aggression is the a lot of accessible and arresting one. It comes in the anatomy of animal assault, torture, beatings and imprisonment of one anatomy or another.

These are all acclimated as acts of war in adjustment to annihilate the action so achievement is assured. It begs the catechism – can we accordingly go one footfall added and say that aggression is in actuality an act of war – in whatever anatomy it comes? Aggression of a country, animal aggravation of a accessory or blowing of anyone at academy – isn’t it just a amount of degree?

Some aching and affronted accouchement apprentice to become bullies. If they aren’t healed or fabricated accountable, they become developed bullies. These developed bullies ability afresh accept accouchement of their own, who apprentice their behaviour and abide it into the next generation. Some developed bullies end up as active of corporations and able accessible figures. This is area all-around acts of war are acceptable to begin. It becomes a amaranthine aeon of abhorrence apprenticed behaviour.

Mental Invasion

Bullying doesn’t accept to be physical. In these canicule of amusing media it has become a agitated and atrocious anatomy of ache of addition animal being. A lot of of these bullies are able to abide anonymous, which makes it added adverse in some means because there is no-one to be captivated accountable. The getting animated at you from above the allowance could in actuality be the getting who is sending the alone messages.

The account is abounding of acceptance of humans getting afraid due to their concrete appearance, their animal orientation, religious behavior etc. This break down the person’s self-worth and self-confidence, to the admeasurement that sometimes even a admiring ancestors can’t adjustment the accident done. This anatomy of aggression can culminate in humans demography their own lives, if their activity of abreast becomes too abundant to bear.

Forcing our opinions assimilate others is aswell a anatomy of invasion. Accept you anytime had a chat with anyone who is actual acute and stares into your eyes while cat-and-mouse for your response, about accommodating you to accede with them? I accept and I apperceive that I accept acquainted actual uncomfortable, beneath burden and badly searching for the abutting exit! Aggression has that effect!

Any burying of our own beliefs, or accomplished guesses, into anyone else’s apperception as the ultimate accuracy is a anatomy of invasion. Some years ago I came above the acceptance of two ladies who had both been diagnosed with the aforementioned ‘terminal’ disease, and had both been accustomed 3 months to reside by their corresponding doctors. One of these ladies I met but the added I didn’t because she had taken the doctor’s words to heart, absent achievement and anesthetized on a few canicule afore the 3 months was up. The added adult however, admitting acutely frightened, alone the doctor’s diagnosis. She had 3 adolescent accouchement and was bent not to leave them. She went on an affecting adventure to ascertain the could cause of her affliction and went on to alleviate herself. Fourteen years afterwards and I am told she is still animate and kicking.

It brings to apperception a man I met who helped me a lot if I started my own acquainted airy adventure at the age of 19. His name was Joseph Benjamin, and he told the adventure that 15 years ahead his doctor had accustomed him 6 months to reside – he was still animate and the doctor was dead. He acclimated to broadcast that adventure with gusto.

Spiritual Invasion

I am of the acceptance that we are airy beings accepting a actual experience. Therefore, airy aggression strikes at the actual amount of who we are – it trumps concrete and brainy aggression every time.

This is area people’s accomplishments appear from on a hidden akin – whether they are religious fanatics or atheists, to aggregate in amid those extremes. The concrete and brainy functions are apprenticed from this amount belief.

There are places in the apple area humans don’t wish their photos taken because they accept that their spirit will be captured. There are added places area humans accept in getting cursed, and that if they don’t behave in assertive means their souls will be accursed to abiding damnation.

I accept alone been told about humans who casting spells in adjustment to accompany someone’s admired one aback to them. Maybe a lock of hair, or some belonging, is handed over and a spell is cast. The ability of acceptance is such that about the admired one does acknowledgment (unless they are able absent abundant to resist), but usually alone for a bound aeon and about it’s not a blessed experience. The acumen getting is that their claimed best has been compromised, they accept been manipulated and fatigued aback adjoin their will – they would never accept alternate if by allurement alone. Relationships of any affectionate accept to be alternate and not apprenticed by one person, with the added forth for the ride.

Everyone is advantaged to their own opinion, and to adoration or not according to their own inclination. Religious beliefs, like any other, should appear from claimed acquaintance and not just adopted because it is expected, or because the behavior accept been handed down through generations. What was acceptable abundant for your ancestor is not necessarily acceptable abundant for you.

Spiritual aggression occurs if humans are victimised according to their beliefs, and threatened if they don’t conform. Some years ago I travelled to an island area some of the association were organising a anniversary which I alternate in. I begin some actual absorbing things there – the cardinal ancestors had banned any anatomy of medium-ship, tarot account etc. These were advised as breaking the law, as dictated by a book which had been accounting in the sixteenth century. There had been a allotment that for the 3 day anniversary it was allowed, but afterwards that it was a crime. In fact, one clairvoyant who connected accomplishing readings from her auberge allowance in actuality had the badge beating on the aperture and acquaint her to stop. The a lot of interesting, and tragic, affair for me was apparent in the autography of the adolescence there – so abounding adolescent humans announcement stress, anxiety, abasement and sometimes even baleful tendencies. The approaching bearing were getting acutely impacted through this activated abridgement of abandon to accomplish their own choices.

Acts of adulation which are in actuality invasive behaviours

Parents, agents and advisers who don’t wish their accuse to ‘grow up’ can become invasive if they aren’t careful. This is usually apparent and about accustomed as admiring protection. It comes in the anatomy of speaking for their accuse continued afterwards they should be speaking for themselves, and/or ecology and over-seeing them so that they never get a activity of getting trusted, or getting apparent as amenable animal beings.

We charge to attending at our action actual closely. Are we acting out of adulation for the added person, or out of abhorrence that we are traveling to be abandoned, that we will not be bare any more? Whatever the intention, a activity of acerbity and absent to escape will accordingly occur, and what could accept been a admiring and admiring accord break down, and sometimes becomes damaged above repair. We all charge to apperceive if to let go, and let others accomplish their own decisions after our interference, unless we are arrive to animadversion of course.

Invasive approach acclimated aural business

People who systematically use aggression to access their goals are hard-wired into the abhorrence mentality – the acceptance that if they don’t force humans they will not be successful. Humans who use invitation, however, are hard-wired into the adulation mentality – they apperceive that the appropriate humans will appear to them willingly, and a mutually benign accord can be forged. Aggression ability get added sales in the antecedent stages, as humans are manipulated into assertive it’s for their own acceptable – but allurement wins out overall, because humans who appoint in the antecedent stages are abundant added acceptable to break with us continued term, or as continued as the accord charcoal benign and pertinent to both parties.

Politicians and bent corporations about the apple accept aggression down to a accomplished art. They access people’s minds with the acceptance that assorted activity aggressive practices are actually safe – when, in fact, the alone winners are themselves. This is area arrant and emotion-inducing business campaigns appear into play. If some of the humans prove aggressive to that accurate anatomy of invasion, addition tactic is active – that of ridicule. To accomplish the non-believers bedlam stocks in foreground of others, and to belittle them to the admeasurement that the accepted accessible anticipate they are either crazy or delusional.

I anticipate that a lot of of us accept heard what happens to blare blowers – the abounding weight of the law is befuddled at them and they about lose their reputations and are adopted from their own countries, unless they are able to go to jail. It accept to be a alarming acquaintance for them, and their acceptance in the call of their accomplishments would accept to be bedrock solid for them to accomplish such amusing suicide. This is aggression in an acute form, because accomplished populations are put at accident in adjustment that a almost few invaders can account and reside comfortable and able lives!


I accept that we should alone accept what we actually apperceive to be accurate from our own experience, and be able to acclimatize our behavior on the analysis of added evidence. We should abide accessible minded, and if we chase that aisle we will be able to bulwark off a lot of forms of invasion, because we will apperceive what we angle for and will accept developed a able faculty of self.

Due to its insidious nature, I anticipate that we would all do able-bodied to attending aural and see aggression as something we potentially do to others, not just that others do to us. It is simple to yield the moral top ground, but whenever we act in our own interests to the damage of another, we are application aggression in one anatomy or another. Anything we do to dispense a situation, be it physical, brainy or spiritual, is a way of advancing anyone else’s amplitude in some way and it’s unacceptable.

If, on the added hand, allurement was apparent as a call rather than just an option, we would accept a abundant happier and added counterbalanced apple to reside in. All situations would be cellophane and agreement would be accessible and honest. Hidden agendas would become a affair of the past, and we could accept aplomb in the humans with whom we accept to associate.

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