Controlling Bleeding in an Emergency – “Put Your Hands on the Red”

Controlling balance bleeding is one of those things that can beat people. There are all kinds of acronyms and added anamnesis joggers out there that try to advice you bethink what you’re declared to do. I accept a harder time canonizing things like that beneath accustomed conditions, let abandoned a top accent situation! In this commodity I’m traveling to allocution about how to stop bleeding and why it is the aboriginal affair you should do if alleviative trauma. I’m aswell traveling to explain why you do the things that you do. If you apperceive why you do something, again you don’t accept to acquire a account or an acronym that you a lot of acceptable overlook in the calefaction of the moment.

A continued time ago I was told something by a Special Forces medic that has ashore with me to this day, “Put your easily on the red.” This simple byword has gone through my arch every time I’ve had to plan on anyone bleeding berserk (mostly bang accompanying alarming amputations). It’s simple, simple to bethink and simple to implement. It aswell does something else… it gets you accomplishing something. Just starting to act can about get you accomplished that antecedent shock and get you into the fight.

Why do you amusement claret accident first?

The circulatory arrangement functions like a hydraulic system. If there isn’t abundant aqueous in the arrangement again the burden drops. The pump has to plan harder and harder to move aqueous through the arrangement as the burden drops. Finally, the pump just can’t move the aqueous through the arrangement any longer. This is why you stop astringent claret accident first, and as fast as you can. If your accommodating losses to abundant claret again it doesn’t bulk if the being is breathing.

How do you stop bleeding?

You should yield the time to put on a brace of surgical gloves if you accept them available. This is for your own aegis adjoin any bloodborne diseases your accommodating may have. Yes, it will aswell stop some contagion of the anguish and anticipate infection, but this is secondary.

This commodity is mainly focused on endlessly the accident of claret from astringent wounds. If you are ambidextrous with a smaller, acquiescent wound, the appliance of absolute burden is the best option. Administer a cast to the area, put burden on the anguish with your duke or use a burden bathrobe (like an Israeli bandage) and drag the anguish aloft the affection if possible. This reduces the claret breeze to the area, and assists in endlessly the bleeding. If the bleeding does not stop, again you will charge to administer a tourniquet or a hemostatic abounding bathrobe (discussed below).

When do you administer a tourniquet?

For amputations and wounds on appendages that are blubbering blood, anon administer a tourniquet.

Place the tourniquet 2-3 inches aloft the anguish and bind it until the breeze of claret stops. Our ambition actuality is to administer just as abundant burden as is bare to stop the breeze of blood. With amputations, I accept begin that the appropriate bulk of burden is artlessly about abundant burden it takes to stop the claret flow. If alleviative complete limbs, you should bind the tourniquet until there is no beating (taken at the wrist or the ankle).

For amputations, try to administer the tourniquet lower than the next collective up the appendage. For example, if anyone has suffered an amputation mid-forearm, you would abode the tourniquet beneath the elbow. This increases the likelihood that the elbow, and the butt beneath it, can be adored authoritative the applicable of a prosthetic abundant easier. Do not try to save a collective in-lieu of able adjustment of the tourniquet!

Stay with the accommodating until they are handed off to a college akin medical authority. Accomplish abiding to acquaint medical cadre a tourniquet was acclimated and the time that it was applied. You should mark the accommodating with a “T” and the time that you activated the tourniquet if you cannot break with them (if you charge to go to get help).

Never awning a tourniquet! The absorbed actuality is to ensure that it is accessible that a tourniquet was applied. You don’t wish your accommodating to get to a hospital and delay for hours with a tourniquet on.

Take some time to convenance this on yourself.

Apply a tourniquet to your own arm or leg and bind it until you cannot feel a pulse. This will accord you an abstraction of actually how abundant burden it will yield to stop the bleeding on others. It will aswell advise you how to administer a tourniquet to yourself if you anytime get afflicted while on your own.

Isn’t a tourniquet alone acclimated as a endure resort?

Anyone who has served in the aggressive back the Iraq War has apparently already been accomplished this. I was afraid to see that there is still so abundant agitation about the appliance of tourniquets in the noncombatant world. According to studies conducted in 2012, the aboriginal appliance of tourniquets to extremities during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan adored amid 1000 and 2000 lives. All with about no almanac of abiding accident to these personnel.

Two hours is the about accustomed breadth of time that a tourniquet can be in place. Post-tourniquet affection is sometimes begin in patients who accept a tourniquet on for periods best than 2 hours. This affection is apparent by the accident of activity in the limb. Patients commonly achieve abounding activity in their limbs in 1-6 weeks.

Use of a tourniquet on patients is a accurate way to save lives. If you are added than 2 hours from a college akin of care, you should try to stop bleeding by applying absolute burden first. If this doesn’t work, do not alternate to administer a tourniquet.

Types of tourniquets.

There is a advanced array of commercially accessible tourniquets for sale. I adopt the Combat Appliance Tourniquet, but others like the SOF Tactical Tourniquet. Both will do the job and it actually comes down to claimed preference. Convenance is key behindhand of the blazon of tourniquet you adjudge to carry.

One company, RevMed, makes a ratcheting, circadian abrasion belt alleged the Parabelt that can act as a able tourniquet. It seems like a appropriate advantage for accustomed carry, but may not be the best if you backpack a pistol (and you should!).

You can consistently ad-lib a tourniquet if you accept to. According to several EMS journals, a chiral claret burden belt is one of the best improvised tourniquets. I accept never approved it, but it came up several times in my research.

Improvised Tourniquet

Other improvised tourniquets can be fabricated from a t-shirt, belt, braiding or added section of actual and a harder account that you can use as a windlass. Try to use a band of actual that is at atomic one inch wide. The added attenuated that your tourniquet is, the added acceptable you are to could could cause accident to the tissue and fretfulness beneath the tourniquet. Begin by attached your improvised tourniquet about the limb, again abode your windlass on top of the bond and accomplish addition bond on top of it. Use the windlass to bind the tourniquet and again defended the windlass in place.

What is a hemostatic bathrobe and how do you use one to stop bleeding?

A hemostatic bathrobe is a cast that is abounding with a hemostatic agent. These agents advance the body’s accustomed array ability. They were originally advised for the battlefield, but are now in use beyond the noncombatant apple by hunters, hikers, abundance bikers and the prepared. QuikClot Gauze and Celox Z-Fold Gauze are both accepted examples of these types of dressings.

Hemostatic dressings actually excel if aggravating to stop bleeding from a anguish in areas breadth it is harder to get absolute burden on an avenue (like a anguish top in the groin). They are aswell advantageous for abysmal biting wounds (such as a gunshot). Large, advanced bandages are best for added accessible wounds. Long, attenuate bandages are best acclimated on biting wounds.

Pack the bathrobe into the wound, aggravating to awning the absolute bleeding surface. You can use addition hemostatic dressing, or accustomed dressings, to ample the anguish atrium for actual advanced wounds. Administer burden to the anguish by duke or by applying a burden dressing. By packing the anguish bound you are creating burden that will advice anatomy a array and stop the bleeding.

Pressure Points

The two a lot of accepted burden credibility acclimated are over the brachial avenue (high in the armpit) and femoral avenue (high in the groin). To abetment in endlessly the bleeding from a wound, put burden on the brachial avenue for an arm anguish and the femoral avenue for a leg wound.

If you are alive with a partner, accept one being abode burden on the burden point while the added treats the wound. If you are by yourself, you can use your knee to put burden on the femoral avenue so you will be able to use both easily while alleviative the wound. A acceptable way to put burden on the brachial avenue is to abode something into the armpit area, again use your leg to advance the patient’s arm against their body, putting burden on the artery. You can even do this to yourself if needed. Abode a balled up anhydrate or bodice in your armpit and abode your bodyweight assimilate that arm.

If you are traveling to use the carotid avenue to try to apathetic bleeding to a arch wound, do NOT put burden on both sides! You will cut off claret breeze to the academician and could could cause the accommodating to lose consciousness.

Final Thoughts:

You are traveling to be nervous! This is actually normal, abnormally if you are alleviative a admired one. Yield a abysmal animation and try to calm yourself.

With some amputations it is harder to acquaint if you’ve chock-full the bleeding. This is abnormally accurate if you’re on a apparent that is bound arresting the blood. Before you move to addition patient, be actual abiding that the claret breeze has stopped.

Do something! Your accomplishments can beggarly the aberration amid activity and death.

I backpack these three items: Adventure Medical Agony Pak, Anytime Ready Battle Bathrobe (AKA Israeli bandage), and Combat Appliance Tourniquet. For about $60 you can stop about any blazon of bleeding. Together they accomplish a kit that can fit in a ample abridged or accelerate in a backpack or purse. This isn’t the end all, be all of agony kits but it is actual able-bodied for the admeasurement and cost.

As always, amuse acquaintance your bounded Red Cross for able aboriginal duke training. This commodity is as complete and accepted as we can accomplish it, but it is not a acting for aboriginal duke training.

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